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Susan Haywood-Smith  

Kia Ora and welcome to my website!


Here I have sought to present you with a beautiful selection of my latest and most popular Fine Art Prints. 


My past work has incorporated strong historical themes such as a series based on the Treaty of Waitangi. This reflects my interest and previous studies undertaken in Social History.


On a subconscious level the subject matter of my artwork is a direct reflection of my own personal history, derived from my experience of being a Pakeha raised in South Auckland. With no link to my Irish/English heritage to make reference to, I embraced the wonderfully rich cultures of the Maori and Pacific Islanders around me. This was reinforced by my family ties to the Te Arawa Iwi.


Today, I am still reconciling the two worlds of my British lineage alongside my experience of Maoridom, and have yet to determine the point of intersection at which I am placed. However my art allows me to work through this dichotomy from which I hope to create powerful and moving New Zealand artwork.




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